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ATI Theatre 550 Pro vs Conexant Fusion 878A

The ATI Theatre 550 Pro is the latest video processing chip from ATI. It is claimed to be "revolutionary".. blah blah blah and all that jazz. But can it really stand up to the heavy hitting competition? Lets find out...

Powercolor ATI Theatre 550 Pro (PCI Express)

AVer TV Studio capture card (PCI)

This simple test was not to judge the overall quality of the cards, but I think these images still say a lot.
The images were captured via composite input from a Playstation 2 playing "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"
The snapshot feature of Cyberlink's Power Cinema software was used to capture the frames.

The bundled Cyberlink Power Cinema software was found to be incompetent at best. Somehow the video coming from my playstation (and every other source I tried) was "copyrighted" and I was never able to capture any video.
The sources that I attempted to record from were the S-Video out on a Laptop, S-Video and Composite outputs on a high-end VCR, the S-Video and Composite out on a Radeon X600XT, and composite output on a playstation. All of wich were copyrighted according to Cyberlink, not allowing me to record any video. After contacting both PowerColor and Cyberlink no resolution was found.

Why Powercolor bundles Cyberlink's software that is unable to record video with their latest tuner card is not understood by me.

ATI Theatre 550:

Conexant Fusion 878A:

Looks like ATI has actually created a great product!!
Now if only the cyberlink software would work




But what happens when we introduce some noise into the picture?
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Posted: 1-15-06
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