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Tiny Tank FPV Video Robot

The goal of this project is to create the smallest and cheapest Internet Controlled FPV Video Tank Robot

Sometimes you can drive the robot on VigiBot.com

The first testing version was based on a Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is the target platform to make this robot super tiny!

Parts List

Total Cost: $101.61

Tank Chassis $18.98 Amazon.com B076SY149C
Raspberry Pi Zero W $20.80 Amazon.com B075FPYVTD
Micro SD Card - 32gb $10.33 Amazon.com B06XWMQ81P
Camera Cable for Pi Zero $5.99 Amazon.com B07T8TLCFZ
Camera Wide Angle 175°, IR Cut Filter, IR Illuminators $18.67 Amazon.com B07ZCRL346
Motor and Power Board $16.85 Amazon.com B07K7NP7C9

For Pan Tilt Camera

SG90 Servo Qty 4 $9.99 Amazon.com B07MLR1498

Battery - Optional! Tank Chassis supports 4x AA batteries

Lipo Battery 2S, 7.4v, 1000mah, 20C $12.99 Amazon.com B06Y2P8FGC
Lipo Battery Charger $8.99 Amazon.com B071ZMT2ML

Waveshare Motor Driver HAT Details

Raspberry Pi Onboard PCA9685 TB6612FNG Drive Two DC Motors I2C Interface 5V 3A

WaveShare documentation page

From the example code we can find the PWM channels used for the H bridge. This can be confirmed by the scmeatic(pdf).

//Motor A self.PWMA = 0 self.AIN1 = 1 self.AIN2 = 2 //Motor B self.PWMB = 5 self.BIN1 = 3 self.BIN2 = 4

Additional Servo Connections

If we want to add Pan and Tilt camera controls and a Grabber Claw&tm; we need more channels for servos

The schematic(pdf) shows pins 12, 13 and 15-21 are not used. That is 9 PWM channels available!

Unfortunately the pca9685 pins are not broken out on this board. Careful soldering lets you utilize them!

Pi Zero Pins

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2019-10-23 Add Servo wires