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Setting up SSH Tunneling And A Proxy Server for Secure Browsing

This process can be broken down into a few steps: 1) Downloading/Installing the essential programs 2) Setting up the SSH server (openSSH) 3) Setting up your SSH Client (Putty) 4) Configuring your browser 5) Surf securely! 1) Downloading/Installing the essential programs OpenSSH for Windows Site - Download Here Privoxy Site - Download Here Putty Site - Download Here Download all 3 of these programs. Install OpenSSH and Privoxy two with all the default options. Putty doesn't require a setup, so we'll worry about that later. 2) Setting up your SSH Server First, you want to create a new user on your computer for the SSH login: (NOTE: This will only work in Windows XP Pro) -Right click on My Computer and select "Manage" -Expand the "Local Users And Groups" section -Right click on "Users" and select "New User". -Create a new username/password, and make sure it appears in the list You can name this new user anything, for this example, we used "SSH_USER" Now we have to create a group and password file for this new user in OpenSSH. open a command prompt by going to Start > Run > and typing 'cmd': Now type in these commands, except change the red part to reflect the user you just created:
cd C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin mkgroup -l >> ..\etc\group mkpasswd -l -u SSH_USER >> ..\etc\passwd
Afterwards you window should look like this: 3) Setting up your SSH Client Before you can setup your SSH client, you need to have the ports open on the router that hosts your SSH Server. The process involved depends on the model of your router. For this reason I cannot include the steps to do so here. You can find instructions at portforward.com The port to open for SSH is 22. When your ports are open you need to find out your global IP address. Go to whatismyip.com to find it: Run the file "Putty.exe" that you downloaded earlier This is the entire SSH Client application, no installation is necessary To be continued... <- 2XOD.com
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