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DIY Soldering Exhaust Vent

Soldering fumes are probably toxic (rosin acid vapor & lead) and is not something you want drifting up into your face and nose. As a hobbyist, your exposure is pretty limited, but it is still something to be aware of and possibly mitigate.

In the past I was content with opening a window or turning on a free standing fan. But recently I found that I had all the parts laying around and decided to do something about my solder fumes.

You can use some dryer exhaust vent and a fan to build a simple solder exhaust vent!

I happened to have a 120v fan laying around so with some hot glue, cardboard, and duct tape, everything came together. I also happened to have a 120v neon bulb so I can see when the fan is on since it is pretty quiet.

It would be best to vent this out a window, pictured below is not an example of how this rig should be used.

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