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Windows Save Dialog Bug

I've noticed this problem with the Windows Save dialog for a while now. I'm going to show you what this error is.

This error pertains to the save dialogue box incorrectly saving documents when you rename a file within the dialog and then attempt to name your file the name of the file you previously renamed.

Here's how it goes:
1 - you want tos save your document
2 - you use the File > Save As dialog
3 - you click a file you want to name your current document similarly to. "RadeonBack.jpg"
4 - you rename the existing from within the dialog. rename "RadeonBack.jpg" to "RadeonBack_2.jpg"
5 - you click save. Note: the original file name of "RadeonBack.jpg" is in the "File name:" field.
6 - windows asks you if you want to replace the existing file "RadeonBack_2.jpg".

7 - if you click yes (if you read the screen, you would not click yes because there is clearly an error here.) the document you just renamed is WRITTEN OVER

Obviously I click No and realize that when windows wants to save your document, it is getting the File name incorrectly.

Here's an example:

1. Here's my document - I'm going to save it

2. I select File -> Save As

3. Here is the Save Dialog

4. I click on a file that I want to name my current file similar to.

5. I rename the existing file.

6. I hit the Save button. Note that I have not changed the "File name:" field.

7. "File RadeonBack_2.jpg already exists. Do you want to replace it?" - This Should Not Happen!
The file name I am attempting use "RadeonBack.jpg" (as shown in the "File name" field) is clearly different from "RadeonBack_2.jpg". The save dialog is attempting to save the file with the same name as the file that I just renamed, even though the "File name:" box shows something else. The save dialog thinks I have "RadeonBack_2.jpg" in the "File name" field, but it is displayed as "RadeonBack.jpg".

This is a bug in windows. Maybe Microsoft will fix this bug in Vista.

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