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Video Capture Comparison
Conexant Fusion 878A (bt8x8) vs. Philips SAA7108E

The Cards
MSI Geforce4 MX460-VTP:
loading 59kb
Utilizing the Philips SAA7108E chipset:
loading 44kb
AVer Media AVerTV Studio:
loading 48kb
Utilizing the Conexant Fusion 878A chipset:
loading 30kb

The conexant Fusion 878A chipset is more commonly known as the bt8x8, bt878, and can also be branded Brooktree.

Capture Source: Mario Party
Method: RCA cables
Capture application: iuVCR
Capture resolutions: 640x480 & 720x480 respecively

1) There is more pixelation in the frames captured by the AverTV card. (on the right)
2) The AverTV card also slightly stretches out the video to fill the selected resolution.

Other than that there isn't much difference.

loading 227kb
loading 238kb
loading 228kb
loading 246kb

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