How I got a TV and an ipod for free

I've seen a lot of stupid offers online for free this and free that. Never did I give more than a glance to their ridiculous antics. Flashing banners and stupid games are how they lure you in, with no real assurance that you may come out on top. But not in this case.

Where I heard of I don't remember. But What I do remember is seeing many people posting pictures of their new ipods. There were too many pictures for me to ignore the opportunity.

When I first went to I thought that was the only free item they were offering. Later I found out they had another site called It was the same principal, except with items such as a 27" Sony Trinitron TV, a 17" Samsung LCD Monitor, and a few other types of flat screens.

The higher ticket items were what I was looking for. I started my adventure at and told myself I would go through the whole program.

Here's how it works:

Gratis Internet is the company that's behind the show. For every offer that you complete, Gratis gets a commission from whoever you signed up with.

EXAMPLE: If you sign up for a free month of blockbuster online, Gratis may get a referrer fee of $40. Blockbuster pays this in the hope that you will generate more than $40 if you stay with the service.

Since most people don't refer enough people to get a free item, gratis usually wins.

Not in my case.

I recieved a 27" Sony TV and a 20gb iPod absolutely free.

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