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Dell Latitude D600 simple disassembly guide

The first step to getting to the main inernals of this laptop is removing the panel near the top of the laptop when it's open. This is the silver panel that says "LATITUDE | D600" on the left side. First it's good to understand how the panel is attached. There are 3 small peices of plastic holding this top panel on. Here is a closeup of the second and third peice of plastic from the left in the image above Also, on the left side there are 2 peices of plastic sticking out. You will not be able to remove the peice of plastic starting from this side. Think of it like a hinge. It opens kind of like a door. So with a bit of force, this panel will come right off without damaging anything. Get a flat screwdriver with a thin tip and put it in the notch on the right side. Use this to pop out this side. Now lift the rest of the panel off. Pull it straight up and it will all come right off. There are 2 screws holding the keyboard on. Once the keyboard is unscrewed, tilt it towards you, and detach the keyboardfrom the motherboard. There is only 1 ribbon cable for the keyboard. The other one pictured here is for the mouse buttons. Now you have access to all kinds of stuff. Here is the heatsink/heatpipe/blower assembly. I would highly recommend NOT removing any of this. There is one screw directly on the fan, but it WILL NOT allow you to remove the fan. You have to remove the entire heatsink. If you do this, you should replace the thermal compound betweent he heatsink and the processor core. This is not recommended. If you desire to clean the fan, use a can of compressed air, or pick out the bits of dust. It is not recommended to use an air compressor, as they often collect oil in the bottom of the tank. Oil on your motherboard can potentialy cross traces and ruin it! <- 2XOD.com