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Arduino Wifi Weather Station Data Logger Using the HF-LPT100 Wifi Module

Building on the Arduino Wifi Temp Logger project, I began to incorporate more sensors.

This weather station data logger includes a DHT-11/AM2302 humidity/temperature sensor, bmp180 air pressure sensor, and Maxim DS18B20 one wire temperature sensors.


DHT-11/AM2302 Temperature & Humidity:

BMP180 Air Pressure:

Maxim DS18B20 one wire temperature:

HFLPT-100 UART Wifi Module:

Arduino Nano Clone (Funduino):

Viewing the Data

I wasn't satisfied with the performance from using Sencha ExtJs Charts to view the data, so I switched to dygraphs this time. The charting performance with dygraph is amazing, responsive, and and I can throw a 2 MB CSV file at the graph and it loads in seconds. Amazing!

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