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Arduino Wifi OLED Word of the Day


Using a PHP script to scrape the RSS feed from Dictionary.com's Word of the Day page we can create an web page for the Arduino to grab.


Example Output:

|Poltergeist|A ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by noises, knockings, etc.|

The output is a bar delimited format with starting and ending bars. This makes parsing in arduino extremely simple

The u8glib is used to display the information on the screen.

The Code


Next Steps

Incorporate a rotary encoder to scroll through the definition.

Add an RTC / Flash component to store previous word of the day entries so you can scroll back in case you missed one

Total Cost

USR Wifi232-T w/ antennaEbay$11
1.3" SSD1306 64x128 OLED SPI DisplayAmazon$14
Arduino Nano (Clone)Amazon$12
Hammond 1591D Project BoxAmazon$14
Female 2.1mm DC Power JackAdafruit$2
9v 1A Regulated Power SupplyAdafruit$7

Scrolling with u8glib

This was the hardest part for me. I created this animation with Sencha Animator to display how the code works.

  1. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog. Jack Daws Loves My Sphinx of Quartz.
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    hinx of Quartz.
    e Lazy Dog. Jack D
    The Quick Brown
    The Quick Brown Fox
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