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20 Dollar 20 Minute Weather Station with ESP8266, Thingspeak, & Esp Easy

Lets build a weather station which logs temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

And, lets make this quick. How quick? 20 minutes! I swear! I have the video to prove it!

We will use an ESP8266, the ESP Easy firmware, and ThingSpeak.



You will need:

ComponentCostPurchase Link
ESP8266 - model ESP-01$2.64ebay.com
Bosch BME280 ic sensor$4.87ebay.com
0.96" OLED SSD1306 ic display$6.35ebay.com
3v USB TTL PL2303HX cable$1.34ebay.com adafruit.com
3v 700 mA power supply$1.95ebay.com
2, 10k resistors

Optionally, you can use some buttons to make resetting and firmware flashing mode easier to engage.

Cost wise I'm not including the breadboard, hookup wires, or 3v USB UART. Those should already be on hand if you are any sort of self respecting electronics person.

Fritzing Diagram

Larger Image, or Download .FZZ


http://www.esp8266.nu to download the ESP Easy firmware image

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